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advantage1Thank you for choosing to use CARO Client Connect online service.  We are excited to offer you this exclusive service along with all the other great things that CARO provides for your analytical projects.  This form is used to confirm the information of you and/or your team to have online access to your analytical data and outline the terms and conditions.  Any response will be recorded in this form will be kept strictly confidential.  Read about our online services here.  Please contact us anytime if you have any suggestions or questions or concerns.

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The results available on CARO Client Connect are provided as a matter of service and convenience for clients of the laboratory. They are intended for use only by authorized parties and are confidential in nature. If you are not an authorized user, do not attempt to enter. While the results have been verified for accuracy against our analytical reports, they are not intended as a substitute for a hardcopy or approved, electronic report. Please contact your Project Manager if you have any questions regarding the available information.
1. You and your team's login information is yours to manage. You must notify us of changes if you don't want current or former employees to continue to have access this system.
2. Every attempt has been made to make the data that you see in CARO's Client Connect accurate, however this data is not meant to serve as the final analytical report which we issue in PDF format to the contacts listed on the chain of custody.
3. CARO Client Connect is a proprietary system for use by our clients with granted access only. The system cannot be shared with others who do not have access assigned to them by CARO. Please contact CARO if you would like to share the use of this system and its information with any other interested parties.

All of the information contained within this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge. On behalf of my organization and those that I have listed in this form, I agree to the terms and conditions of use of this system and agree to abide by the strictly confidential nature of using this system. I authorize the people in this form to have access to the analytical data that we submit to CARO through the CARO Client Connect system. All information provided herein is strictly Confidential.

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