Water Testing

Lead in Water Testing Kit


This analysis will detect the presence of lead in water.

You can learn more about lead in water from our blog, here, including information on why Health Authorities advise accredited laboratory testing of water quality, specifically lead content, in buildings that are built before 1990.

The number of samples you test for is at your discretion, along with your advising health authority. It is recommended that all separate drinking water sources be tested (water fountains and lunchroom taps, for example). One sample should be collected before flushing the water (running the tap for at least two minutes) and another separate sample collected after flushing.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Testing Container
  • Sampling Guidelines
  • Test Results once sample is returned to a CARO location – which typically takes 5 business days after receipt
  • Return Shipping for sample back to CARO
  • CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services. Tips on collection on drinking water samples can be found here. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safe sampling.

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