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CARO Analytical Services (CARO) is a testing laboratory full of smart, engaged scientists driven to make the world a safer and healthier place. Sounds a little crazy for a testing lab, right? We thought so too until we really took a step back from the day to day business and had a good look at what we get to be a part of.


Whether supporting a client cleaning up a contaminated site to health standards, providing water quality data to ensure Canadians have access to clean water, or supporting the government in testing fruits for potential pesticide exceedances; CARO provides the data essential to the success of these projects.


Through our clients, we become an essential element for a better world. And through our passion for our industry, you have a lab who is more engaged and proactive to needs of our clients and the world around us. 

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Big Picture Sidekicks

You know that the sample you collected after snowshoeing to site, digging 5 meters, and racing to get it on a plane so you can submit it to the lab for time sensitive results needed to make important and expensive decisions (whew) is VERY important. We know that too.


We’ve got Chemistry

It’s simple. We figure the more you enjoy working with our fun and engaged team members; the more likely you are to give us continued opportunities to support you.


Keeping You Ahead of the Curve 

Through research, regulation knowledge, and instrumentation, we are your analytical center for the technical knowledge you need, BEFORE you need it, so you can stay up to date and in the know.


Advantages to Using CARO




advantage1Technical Expertise

CARO has been in operation since 1987 (30 years) and throughout our history we have been successful in retaining key staff and attracting top industry talent.  We are currently the largest BC owned, based and operated analytical laboratory company in Canada, and the laboratory with the largest scope of CALA accredited analysis of any single laboratory location in Canada.  CARO’s method reporting limits (MRLs) meet or exceed all routine regulatory specifications (Alberta Tier 1, CCME, BCMOE CSR / Sediment Criteria, HCDWQ, etc).  CARO employs the greatest percentage of recognized Professional Chemists of any laboratory in Western Canada and has a diverse workforce, long employee retention (some employees have been with us for over 25 years), supporting local school co-op programs and active environmental industry participation on boards and working groups.  We are ideally equipped to help you with all your analytical needs.

advantage3Client Focused

Caring for our clients is part of CARO’s corporate culture and this has been developed over the years through attention to service and strong client relationships.  We are of a size where senior leadership are available and sufficiently connected to our clients and our operations to ensure project requirements are consistently met. This is an important advantage to clients who wish to speak with knowledgeable technical staff, and/or to service staff with decision-making authority, immediately. We pride ourselves on having senior staff available for clients.


CARO Analytical Services stands behind the quality and accuracy of all of our analytical data, and we want our clients to experience the same level of confidence in their results.  We have committed to continually ensuring the reliability and validity of analytical test results.  CARO Analytical Services is accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA), to ISO17025 standards, as well as approved by the BC Public Health Officer through the Enhanced Water Quality Assurance (EWQA) program for microbiology.  All CALA-accredited laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, the international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. The management system requirements contained in ISO/IEC 17025 meet the principles of, and are aligned with, the internationally recognized quality management system standard, ISO 9001:2008.  As such, our clients can rest assured that the results they get from us can be used around the world.


At CARO, we are continually investing time and resources into staying ahead of the game in terms of online data management and technical support for our clients.  Free for all of our clients is access to CARO’s ClientConnect data management portal where clients can easily access their analytical results and pre-fill and submit an electronic chain of custody forms. Automation of field data collection and available mobile submissions has resulted in clients spending up to 50% less time handling field data while saving trees. Sign up for CARO’s ClientConnect now!


CARO is a proudly 100% Canadian employee owned and operated company.  We’re Canadian and that means you can trust us eh!

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Richmond, British Columbia

#110 – 4011 Viking Way
Richmond, BC, V6V 2K9, Canada
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Kelowna, British Columbia

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Burnaby, British Columbia

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Edmonton, Alberta

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Edmonton, AB, T5S 1H7, Canada
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Whitehorse, Yukon

BOX 10 33 Levich Drive


Whitehorse, YT, Y1A0A8, Canada
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Victoria, British Columbia

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Victoria, V8T 1Y9, BC, Canada
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