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CSR Stage 10 Amendments: Video Update

Posted on February 20, 2017

Let CARO help you prepare for the Stage 10 Amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulations with this short video presentation.

The Stage 10 Amendments to the Contaminated Site Regulations (CSR) in British Columbia has been a hot topic over the past year.  With the anticipated go-live date of November 2017 looming just around the corner, it is important to ask yourself: Are you prepared?  Let Jaime and Bryan of Team CARO guide you through 5 simple steps on how to manage what’s new in the amendments, what the changes mean to you, and what you can expect for the future.

CARO CSR Stage 10 Amendment Video Update:

Some of the changes you can expect include:

  • 5 new land uses with new regulations
  • Alphabetization of schedules instead of listing by chemistry and groups
  • 50+ new water analytes
  • 50+ new soil analytes
  • Emerging contaminants such as speciated metals, nonylphenols, Sulfolane, EE2, PFOS and PFOA
  • Limit changes to already existing contaminants

Still confused about the new regulations?  Your team at CARO has prepared some special tools to help you work through the changes.

Via our online portal Client Connect, subscribers can choose to see a side by side comparison of existing site data to both the old AND the new regulations so they can plan their remediation efforts accordingly.  Not signed up?  Click here to create an account today… it’s easier than pronouncing Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (PFOS)!

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