Soil Vapour Analysis Guarantee – All Summer Long!

Posted on June 22, 2017

soil vapour guarantee CARO

Since 2008, CARO has approached soil vapour with the objective of being industry technical leaders for air analysis. Staying true to this commitment to quality and innovation, we have accomplished our objective.  We are so confident in our services now that we are the only laboratory in Canada that is offering that analysis with a guarantee through the busiest sampling time of year.

Soil Vapour Guarantee (1) industry statisticThe industry average for soil vapour instrumentation downtime is estimated at nearly 12 percent, greatly delaying turn-around-time for results. Over the past 5 years, CARO’s vapour instrumentation downtime sits at less than 0.05 percent.

Soil Vapour Guarantee (5) CARO promise summer 2017

That’s right – we guarantee that our vapour instrument will not go down while your air samples are in house. If our instrument does go down, all vapour samples for your entire project will be free.

What that really means is that you can rest assured that your project will not be delayed due to laboratory instrument failure. If you just took a sigh of relief, you are not alone!

Curious about how we can be so confident with our vapour analysis?

CARO TD Tubes_soil_vapour Image

  1. Thermal Desorption (TD) – We selected TD as the most cost effective, practical and technically sound approach for testing VOCs in soil vapour. This approach is gaining widespread industry acceptance as the predominant soil vapour method.
  2. Instrumentation – CARO was the first Western Canadian laboratory with TD “recollection” ability, allowing duplicates and dilution of high samples.
  3. CALA Accreditation – CARO was the first Canadian laboratory to gain accreditation for soil vapour by TD (
  4. BCMOE Standard Methods – We authored the provincial VOC by TD and VHv methods.
  5. Research and DevelopmentOur study, “Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds from Tubing Used for Soil Vapour Sample Collection VOC” conducted in partnership with the SABCS has standardized industry sampling material selection.

We are proud of our accomplishments and are continuing to move state-of-the-art vapour sampling forward in BC, North America and Europe. Our soil vapour analysis guarantee is our testament to providing you with complete peace-of-mind. Please contact us with any of your vapour questions – we are always eager to help!

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