Lead Testing in Drinking Water for BC Schools – Everything you need to know!

Posted on November 4, 2016

Since our post on Lead in Drinking Water (here!) in the spring, we have had many analysis requests from schools across BC. This helpful step-by-step guide explains how to collect and submit your drinking water samples for the analysis of lead to CARO.

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    Health Authorities advise that an accredited, independent laboratory test water quality, specifically lead content, in schools that are built before 1990. (Learn more here).


    This is at your discretion, along with your advising health authority.
    It is recommended that all separate drinking water sources be tested (water fountains and lunchroom taps). One sample should be collected before flushing the water (running the tap for at least two minutes) and another separate sample collected after flushing.
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    The regular price for one sample of water for lead analysis is $75.00+tax/sample.
    CARO has a back to school $25.00 discount off the price if you quote “school coupon 2018”


    This per sample price includes:
    – A sterile sampling container and a cooler for shipment back to CARO
    – Accredited analysis of sample for lead
    – An emailed report detailing the test results


    We accept credit card for payment.
    When you order online, this is all done during the initial order. If you are ordering analysis over the phone to by email, when you return your sample for analysis, we will ask that you fill out a credit card pre-authorization form in person or phone in your payment information.
    We are not able to give you your analysis results until we have payment for the testing.


    1. Order Online!  
      Yes, it’s that easy! You can order lead testing through our online store here, and we will process and deliver your sampling supplies right to your door or you can come pick them up in person at a CARO location in BC, Alberta or the Yukon.
      Click here to receive our School’s only discount code.
    2. Or, you can email [email protected] or call 877-769-9646.

    Sample test results can vary from different locations within the same building and it is recommended that collection include water fountains and kitchen sink taps.

  8. HOW DO I COLLECT THE SAMPLES? (You have your CARO sampling supplies… now what?)

    1. Fill out the sample labels on each bottle.
    2. The square clear plastic bottles are sterile. Exercise care not to touch the inside of the bottle or lid.Metals Testing in Water Sampling Bottle
      * Some bottles contain chemical preservatives.  Do not rinse or transfer water between bottles. CAUTION:  Most preservatives can cause damage to eyes, skin and clothing. Keep out of the reach of children.  Do not allow the water to splash.  If any preservative should contact the skin, flush well with running water.
    3. Fill all the supplied bottles to the shoulder (taking stale sample first, then flush source for 2-5 minutes and collect second sample). Replace each lid to the original bottle and check for leaks.
    4. Complete the requisition form (chain of custody) with the information needed to generate a final report: client name, sample location (address), date & time of sampling, sample IDs, telephone number, mailing address, email address, etc.
      You can print a COC form here and check out our other client resources here.
    5. Samples should be maintained at <8ºC (But NOT Frozen) – e.g. in a cooler with frozen ice packs and/or double bagged ice cubes.
    6. Ship to your nearest CARO location, or deliver in person (see bottom of page!)

Contact us with any further questions at 877-769-9646, we are always happy to help!

*Price valid until December 31, 2017. Price is for regular Turn-Around-Time for results of 5 business days. Price does not include tax or return shipment of samples back to CARO.


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